I have a passion for problem solving. That, coupled with my love for art, led me to my career in graphic design. I love the challenge of coming up with comprehensive designs that communicate effectively and attractively.

I have worked for many organizations, but also operate as a freelance graphic designer – my career has taken me to many places. I’ve worked in upstate New York for a newspaper. In Claremont, California as a design intern at an agency. In Atlanta, Georgia as a designer at a public relations firm, an in-house designer in a corporation, and an a in-house designer at a church. Somewhere in there I managed to get an education at Syracuse University (BFA) and later at Savannah College of Art & Design (MFA).

Over the past nine years I’ve honed my design skills through many projects, including logo design, branding, various marketing materials, advertising, information design, typeface design, packaging, invitations, cards, stationary, magazine & book layout, annual reports, brand guidelines, wayfinding, illustration, and many other creative design based projects. I have always been in love with fine arts and handmade goods as well – painting, drawing, sewing, bookbinding etc. This love shows up in many forms within my design, and adds unique elements to many of my pieces.